Ashley Goss, Exercise Specialist

Ashley Goss holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Arizona State University. While at Arizona State, she interned and became an assistant coach for a USA Triathlon team in Scottsdale. Some sports that Ashley has participated in throughout her athletic career include soccer, softball, volleyball, track; and more recently long distance running, triathlon, hot yoga, strength training, and golf. Aside from sports, she enjoys spending her time off with her husband, Aaron and her dog, Tibbers. After spending the past 2 and a half years living in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, Ashley and her family relocated to the Jersey Shore. While in Colorado she worked for a physical therapy practice where she found she loved helping and getting to know patients and knew she wanted to continue that passion here in New Jersey as well. As soon as she met with the COAST rehab team, she knew this would be the perfect place for her to work and is super excited to be a new member of the COAST rehab team!