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John Towey
15:52 05 Jul 18
Dr Luke and the staff at Coast Rehab were top notch - I had chronic hamstring injuries - both legs - that I had ignored for almost 10 years. Dr Luke took me through the steps of strengthening all of the muscles in my hips and legs to counteract years of the repetitive motion injury I had created. We started slow with the use of bands, stretches and bodyweight routines all the way through to more intense cycles with progressively increased weights. After about 6-months my right leg is completely healed and my left is about 90% of the way there. Well worth my time as I am able to physically do whatever I want to. Thanks to Cost Rehab for their expertise, friendliness, encouragement and positive results.
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Dan Neylan
14:43 12 Jun 18
Luke, Matt and team were great! After going to a different PT place for 8 weeks (unsuccessfully), it was recommended I go to COAST. It was night and day from the first place. Each session was customized for me and my needs and each session was different from the last. They actually listen to you and build a program that will get you back to 100%. I can't recommend them enough.
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Claire Spille
13:02 07 Apr 18
I had foot surgery in November. Once permitted to start PT, I was told about Coast Rehab. The surgery has a 6 month to one year full recovery. Due to Dr. Luke and his amazing staff, I have been enjoying my spring break playing tennis down south (5 months)! Coast rehab is a GREAT facility and as their motto states, they truly care and give you personalized attention to your goals. Tom, Matt, and ALL of the staff are genuine and tend to your needs. Hours are flexible to fit any busy schedule. I highly recommend COAST REHAB!
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linda drasheff
18:01 01 Mar 18
This was the first time that I had to go for Physical Therapy. I couldn't lift my arm and my shoulder was very sore. My orthopedist recommended physical therapy. Dr. Luke helped me to exercise my arm and shoulder. Let's face it, no one wants be in pain and to have to do physical therapy. However, Dr. Luke made it a very pleasant experience. He is highly qualified and I felt I was definitely in good hands. I would recommend my family and friends to go to Coast Rehab.
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Colin Parsons
22:32 14 Jun 18
Wonderful experience at Coast Rehab with Luke/Matt and all of his staff. Took a man (myself) who had back problems ever since college and brought me back to not worrying about throwing out my back. If you are having any issues with your body, the staff at Coast Rehab will be able to help you out. What are you waiting for??’em up! Thank you Coast Rehab,Colin
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BreAnna Natoli
16:36 27 Jul 18
Dr. Matt is the best!! I went to see him when I was struggling with low back/hip pain which I thought was due to sciatica from a car accident. However, after Dr. Matt's evaluation, he informed me that the pain was actually from a weakened glute muscle. For 6 weeks, we strengthened it by doing various exercises and stretches with bands and weights. He promised me that by the time we were done working together, I would be back to my normal workout and living routine! HE WAS RIGHT! I could NOT be any happier with my results from Coast Rehab and Dr. Matt! If I ever find myself needing rehab again, I will for sure be calling them and referring them to anyone I know! THANK YOU GUYS!!
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Franca Turano
13:55 24 Oct 18
I CAN NOT EXPRESS ENOUGH as to how important it is in being in the right hands when it comes down to patient care!!! “COAST REHAB” in Manasquan NJ is absolutely the BEST PLACE HANDS DOWN for physical therapy!!! Everyone there is EXCELLENT at what they do!!!! I have been working with Luke DeLorenzo and his wonderful staff for over a month now and and I can say is I feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!He listens to you, evaluates you and treats you based on YOUR needs! He has such a passion for what he does!!! Their main focus is to give YOU that individual care based on your needs, so that YOU can enjoy those simple things in life once again!!! So for any of you that may be suffering from an injury/injuries or maybe having some type of discomfort preventing you from daily activities, then I would HIGHLY recommend giving COAST REHAB in Manasquan NJ a call TODAY!!! 😁👍🏻
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Andrea Springer
13:00 26 Nov 18
Great experience. My shoulder was rehabilitated in less time than prescribed. Thank you Coastal. I can now move freely.
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Jalen Ramos
14:38 14 Nov 18
Extremely happy with my choice in COAST Rehab after receiving surgery. I spent 6 months with them and could not be happier with the results. Thank yout to the COAST rehab team for everything!
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Stephanie Lewis
00:11 30 Nov 18
Luke and Matt were awesome! After going from being super active to having to be in a boot for a month, they helped get me back to my normal active routine! They increased the flexibility in my ankle to more than it was before I was injured and I couldn't be happier with my progress! The staff is friendly, helpful, and make you feel like your apart of a team. I can't thank them enough!
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Nicole Murano
15:44 08 Dec 18
Luke and his staff are amazing! I had an issue with my back and Luke had me pain free in a short amount of time. Very knowledgeable and professional.
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Sean Looney
18:40 11 Dec 18
I had an amazing experience at Coast Rehab. They have a refreshingly different philosophy about rehabilitation. They work to help you recover as an athlete, not just as a surgery patient. Luke, Matt and the entire team are passionate about making sure you recover as quickly and as completely as possible. They challenge you with a variety of exercises and routines each session so you are never bored. The facility is awesome. A traditional PT room connected to a fully functional gym with lots of exercise equipment. They are very patient with all of your questions and concerns. Thanks to Coast Rehab, I was walking four miles in six weeks after my total knee replacement. Thank you, Coast Rehab! You are awesome!
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Anita Rothery
13:38 06 Jan 19
From the first time I spoke to Luke he was extremely knowledgeable, understanding and very accommodating. I have been at Coast Rehab for the past four weeks, as well as my high school daughter. She is now feeling so much better after a couple of weeks! Coast Rehab is the most friendly and knowledgeable place that I have been to and I have been to a few different places. Coast Rehab really cares about each patient. They want to get you better and back on your feet instead of dragging out the process. I have had the pleasure to meet and work with Luke, Dan, Matt, Shannon and Ashley. All staff are extremely friendly and all are aware of each client's routine so if one staff member is busy with another client the other staff member is checking and making sure you are doing the correct exercises and more importantly doing them properly. At Coast Rehab you are just not a number or a client but a friend. It's a home away from home where staff and clients connect with each other. I highly recommend Coast Rehab to anyone that needs a physical therapist.
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Matthew Tracy
20:27 07 Jan 19
Absolutely delightful staff. I look forward to my sessions with Matt and Luke every week. They know how to specialize sessions toward specific athletes. Phenomenal experience.
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Ken Kraus
14:26 10 Jan 19
I've had a terrific experience with the team at Coastal Rehab. A thorough discussion with Dr. Luke yielded more positive outcomes than I'd seen from a month's worth of testing & appointments elsewhere. Three weeks after that initial consult I was skiing in the Rockies with no symptoms. Highly recommend.
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Irene vanderveer
22:24 15 Jan 19
Dr LUKE ,Matt & crew are the BEST! They make physical therapy seem fun, but very professional. They really care and we would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their service.Joe & Irene VanDerveer
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John Klubnick
17:47 29 Mar 19
I’ve been seeing Dr. Luke and Dr. Matt twice a week for several months. The entire staff is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I’ve had a complete recovery, and am kind of disappointed that I don’t need to go back for more. I recommend Coast Rehab to all my friends and family.
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Paul Giletta
23:43 04 May 19
A+ experience!! EXCELLENT facility!! Dr. Luke, Dr. Matt and every member of the Coast Rehab team are absolutely SPECTACULAR! The office administration, exercise specialists and PTs are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Everyone treats you like family! Progress is routinely monitored and exercises are continually adjusted to attain the best results. The exercises are unique and challenging, and the atmosphere is fun and energetic. The staff provides helpful guidance and encouragement. The owners are PTs themselves and work on site to personally ensure everyone receives a 5 star experience! From the beginning, Dr. Luke and his team were extremely helpful and generous in working around my insurance limitations. I can’t thank them enough for this! I’m truly grateful to get back to dancing and volleyball. Whether you are an athlete, dancer, or someone wanting to return to daily activities, I highly recommend Coast Rehab!!!
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lisa bonevento
13:53 07 May 19
I've had a wonderful experience with Luke and his staff at Coastal rehab! I suffer from vertigo and vestibular migraines. With that being said, I was having a bad flareup ....I started Vistibular Therapy with Matt! I’m thankful to have some relief!
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Luke Zappulla
01:01 13 Jun 19
If I could give 6 stars I would.They knew exactly how to treat my injury and everything was explained to me in terms I could understand. They did a great job.Absolute professionals, but we had a few laughs too.
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Brian Dugan
12:59 29 Jul 19
Fantastic place, great staff. Can’t recommend them enough. I have been to multiple local physical therapy clinics and COASTs knowledge, atmosphere and care is unrivaled!
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Eric Gavino Diaz
19:09 11 Aug 19
I was sure my injury required surgery but on the recommendation of my doctor, I decided to give Coast Rehab a try before moving forward with surgery. After many weeks of training with Luke, Matt and all the staff at Coast Rehab, I’m both surprised and pleased with my results. I would strongly recommend Coast Rehab to anyone in need of physical therapy. This office is simply the best!
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Mike Zaccagna
00:31 28 Aug 19
Great place to rehab. Genuine caring staff.
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Christine Trumble
19:28 06 Sep 19
This is the place you want to go for physical therapy!! Luke is extremely knowledgeable. They take a whole body approach on rehab not just rehabbing the injury but giving you the tools to continue living a strong life after recovery. Highly recommend!!!
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Ryan Garibay
22:20 11 Sep 19
This place is a one of a kind with very friendly people that take great care of you and help you get back to being the best you. I would recommend coming here for physical therapy over any other place
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Jordyn Keating
22:15 19 Sep 19
Great people who really care about their patients. They are great when it comes to getting athletes back to being ready to compete! Love coming here !
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Joann Vaiani
18:02 23 Sep 19
The best Physical Therapy office I’ve ever been to! Everyone is professional and knowledgeable. The personal care is 5 stars.
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Rebecca Carter
20:00 07 Oct 19
COAST Rehab is a fun and efficient way to get active again after and injury. Everyone is friendly and very knowledgeable. I highly suggest coming here!
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Meg Dayton
19:52 07 Oct 19
The best place to go for PT for active people! A very caring and fun environment!
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Brianne Murphy
18:21 24 Oct 19
I’ve been working with coast rehab for the past 2 months after an ankle sprain and I have nothing but great things to say about them. Luke and his team are nothing but knowledgeable professionals who genuinely care about their patients whether the injury be large or small. The relaxed environment and friendly staff make you feel at home there! I can’t thank them enough for helping my gain my strength back while offering top notch service. 5 stars all around - I highly recommend!
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brooke hollawell
16:46 25 Nov 19
Best PT clinic around if you’re an athlete or active person. Caring, fun and motivating staff and accommodating with scheduling.
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13:58 09 Dec 19
Worked with Luke/Dan/Matt/Craig/Lindsey and others in my rehab journey of my neck and hip over the past year and have really had a great experience! Perfect environment to get stronger in, as the staff mixes in a wide range of challenging exercises and stretching techniques. There is a large focus on proper form which has taught me a lot about how to prevent future injury. Overall just a positive environment and would recommend!
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Joseph Wilchinsky
15:06 16 Dec 19
Staff was great. They taught me exercises that I would have never thought of. I went there for my knees. Doctors told me that I was needed both knees replaced. My knees feel so much better now that I am not even considering knee replacements.
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Greg Pouliot
14:05 23 Dec 19
I had my second knee replacement surgery in October. Due to the entire staff I'm now strong and I completed my rehab within 2 months after surgery. Coast rehab truly cares, gives you personalized attention and makes the experience as enjoyable as possible . ALL of the staff are genuine and tend to your needs. I highly recommend COAST REHAB!
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Reese Losecar
20:06 20 Dec 19
I love Coast Rehab because not only do they help me get stronger more and more each day I come but everyone there is so friendly and nice. Everyday I come they make me look forward to the next day. They push me more each day and I feel like I am getting stronger every time.
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barbara gibson
16:09 29 Dec 19
COAST Rehab physical therapy is second to none. The clinicians and staff are knowledgeable, professional and motivating. Each and every treatment session was centered around me with a specific plan. The facility is state of the art, clean and comfortable! Because of COAST Rehab I recovered more quickly than expected and was educated on what I need to do to continue to be better than ever! Highly recommend!
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Art Krozser
18:24 30 Dec 19
Thanks to the COAST Rehab team I am back on track and playing racquet ball, pickle ball and paddle tennis without any ankle pain. I worked primarily with Matt and Craig, but the entire Coast team jumps in to make sure you complete all your exercises as per your personalized plan. My ankle feels the best it has in years. Hats off to the entire Coast Team for an excellent "result".
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Lynzie Burmeister
15:20 15 Jan 20
The best PT facility I have ever been to. Friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable. I was a competitive gymnast all my life and have had multiple injuries. I worked with Luke, Matt, Dan and Alyssa for acupuncture and am feeling the best I have felt in years!
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Emily Scranton
17:50 27 Jan 20
I have had the best experience at COAST. I genuinely look forward to coming in because everyone is so friendly and it is a welcoming environment. I feel like I am challenged every time I go in and they have really helped me to recover by going above and beyond with their care. I am thankful for everything they have done to help me!
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Marissa Wentworth
14:15 17 Feb 20
I was referred to Coast Rehab Physical Therapy by a friend. I am so glad that she referred me to them! I couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapy location. ALL of the staff are welcoming, friendly, and extremely helpful. It really is a place where everyone knows your name. They are attentive and knowledgeable in how to get me back doing what I love without a recurring injury. They make sure you have the proper form for the exercises, personalized workouts, and individual attention while you’re there. Thanks COAST!!
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Abigail Antognoli
17:16 17 Feb 20
Coast Rehab is one of the best places I have ever been. The workers are nothing but sweet and eager to help with whatever might be bothering you. Most people dread going to rehab, but for me I am super excited to come every time. I feel like Luke, Matt, and all the other workers only want the best for me, and will do whatever to get me back to 100% even if it in convinces themselves. This has not only become a positive atmosphere for me, but I feel as if it is my second home. The attention given to each patient is second to none. Everyone is always so happy to see their patients walk through the door, and make you feel so welcome. If you need to go to physical therapy....COAST REHAB IS THE PLACE TO GOOOO
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Eileen Reilly
20:43 17 Feb 20
My husband and I are both very happy with out choice to attend Coast Rehab after knee replacement. The staff are all very knowledgeable and make you feel welcome and right at home. I have improved quickly since my surgery due to their help. I have and will continue to recommend Coast Rehab.
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Jordan Cheche
20:45 23 Feb 20
I’ve been going to Dr. Luke for over 2 years now for various injuries, muscle soreness/strains and even strength and conditioning. I can easily say that every time I go to Dr. Luke or any staff member, I always have a great experience and come out feeling a little bit better every time. Coast Rehab, Dr. Luke and the staff he has surrounded himself with always provide a professional and welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages. I would highly recommend Coast Rehab to anyone in need of a physical therapist or an exercise professional, who will build a workout program for your needs. I absolutely love all that Dr. Luke and the rest of the Coast Fam has done for me!!
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Pam Cheche
23:20 23 Feb 20
My daughter started PT with Dr. Luke two years ago after an injury to her heel and ankle. Two months of intense PT from Dr. Luke and his staff, Jordan was 100% healed and ready to return to the soccer field. Another recent injury to her ankle from basketball sent Jordan back to Coast a few weeks ago for note PT and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help my daughter get better! Always professional, hardworking and motivating!
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Laurie Doran
20:00 09 Mar 20
My experience working with the folks was outstanding. The staff was extremely friendly, professional and patient, helping me to successfully recover from my injury. I wholeheartedly recommend Coast Rehab as the place to go to receive high quality PT! Thanks for all of your help!
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Kristen Keane
20:56 28 Feb 20
The whole staff is Amazing! You feel like family as soon as you walk in. My daughter is 9 with a gymnastics knee injury and Kat took such amazing care of her. She was scared & in pain, and now never wants to leave! Staff is always smiling and ready to jump in and help where needed. LOVE Coast Rehab-highly recommend! Thank you ALL for putting Brynn back together again❤️
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melissa jt
21:25 03 Jul 20
***THIS IS A REVIEW OF DALTON GILLIGAN, NOT COAST REHAB***I started seeing Dalton at a different facility, before he began working with COAST, and couldn’t stand the thought of switching to a new physical therapist. I am a pretty active person in my free time and have injured myself on and off over the past 8+ years, with some lingering knee pain. However, this time I had torn a couple of muscles in my thigh, barely a year prior, and had lost the energy for my workout routine, leading again to knee problems. I’m so grateful I stayed with Dalton, because he has helped encourage me towards my goals of no longer being in pain (and injuring myself again), but really learning how to embrace exercise as part my happiness and wellness. I have become so much stronger and can not only feel, but see the difference during our sessions and while I’m working out on my own. Dalton is excellent at listening to not only your goals, but your discomfort and pays attention to your personal ability. He is very clear with his instructions and ensures you’re performing exercises properly, to help prevent further injury. He teaches you how to grasp and appreciate not only how to heal, but a better understanding of functional movement. What Dalton recommends while you’re in session and on your own really creates an excellent environment to learn from and build upon. I truly appreciate all he has done for me in the time I’ve been seeing him. Dalton is first on my list if anyone ever needs a recommendation for physical therapy!
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Matthew Hayes
15:12 03 Sep 20
Coast rehab’s many professionals go above and beyond what’s needed to always make sure therapy is a wonderful experience; no matter the time, injury, or improvement needed. As a patient, I would recommend COAST rehab physical therapy to anyone for any physical therapy needs because they care. Having injuries isn’t fun but everyone at Coast makes sure that the experience and progression is not only beneficial but, enjoyable. Coast Rehab continues to work to better its business through compassion and professionalism. Anyone looking for physical therapy should look to COAST for help they are a one of a kind practice. Coast Rehab and the team sets the standard for industry and should be valued as such.
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Greg Love
16:14 03 Sep 20
All of the staff were very professional and made a stressful situation very enjoyable!!Shannon, Luke, Kat, Matt, Dan, Craig and Amy were all awesome!
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Nicole Fortunato
13:07 17 Sep 20
My Mom and I have both been to several PT places and Coast is by far our favorite. I had an ACL injury and they have been doing everything they can to get me back to my sport. We both love everyone here!
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Matthew Suchecki
18:58 18 Oct 20
10 out of 10- highly recommend. The staff at COAST is professional and extremely knowledgeable. I was dealing with Achilles/heel issues and the team was able to quickly diagnose the issue and lay out a concise plan that worked around my schedule.
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17:17 22 Oct 20
Highly recommend!!! The staff is awesome! Everyone is super friendly and accommodating and always willing to help. They always go the extra mile!
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Brittany Delmo
21:55 26 Oct 20
I highly recommend Coast Rehab! I have been coming to Cost Rehab for about a year on and off for different things (TMJ, neck & back pain) and I’ve had a fantastic experience with everything. I’ve gone for both physical therapy and acupuncture. ALL the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They have helped me so much over the last year and I’m extremely grateful!
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Katie Rafferty
23:06 26 Oct 20
The staff at coast rehab are all professional, knowledgeable and friendly and I couldn’t recommend them more. A BIG thank you to Dan for getting me ready for 2019 NYC marathon last year and getting me across that finish line. I couldn’t be more thankful for all his time, dedication, and thought that went into my weekly sessions before and after the race. Highly recommend Dan for runner related injuries /strengthening programs. THANK YOU TO THE COAST TEAM !!
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Golf Performance
14:39 10 Nov 20
Hands down the areas most knowledgeable, progressive, and innovative golf rehab and fitness team. They understand how the body works as it relates to golf and the golfer, and will go above and beyond to work with your golf pro or swing instructor to develop a team approach. If you are someone who wants to improve the way you move so you can play better golf or swing pain free, COAST is the place!
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Gregory Love
16:10 18 Jan 21
The COAST Rehab business as a whole gives off a good vibe. The staff are very welcoming and I have been there for over 3 sports-related injuries and they have all be treated with efficiency and care. If you need physical rehab post op, need to get more flexible, golf performance or sport performance, or even just need to get in shape, COAST will help you out.
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John Ptaszek
20:13 05 Mar 21
Amazing. Highly recommended for any active person or athlete. I am 3 months post op from an ACL injury and am feeling way ahead of the game. I am confident I will be back stronger than before!
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Umberto Piccinich
05:04 20 Mar 21
Fully rehabbed my ankle and even pushed me to gain more strength and cardio. Great Staff
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All Sports All The Time
01:51 21 Mar 21
Kat and the staff are always so friendly, they are the best around at what they do and always make me feel welcome!
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Jordan Cheche
21:49 25 Apr 21
I have had nothing but amazing experiences during my time at COAST. I broke both of my ankles inside of 2.5 years and completely regained my strength and balance. All of the staff members at COAST are educated, passionate and welcoming making for a positive environment for patients of all ages! I highly recommend COAST Rehab to any in need of being rehabilitated or looking to stay active through strength and conditioning!
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jenna piecyk
13:45 05 May 21
I started coming back in early February for issues in my hips I’ve had since I was a child and could never seem to fix. The professionals at Coast Rehab have me back to normalcy in just 3 short months. Not only are they very hands on, they are welcoming and open to question and concern about anything without judgment. They will walk you through any new exercise and explain it in a way that is easy to understand. They have truly built a friendly, comfortable environment for all their patients. They are also not limited to what they specialize in and all know exactly what they are doing and do a great job at it. Every visit I was given a warm welcome and was happy to be there. They will start slowly but will test the limits to get you to reach full potential and to get back on track. I would recommend this establishment to anybody looking for a physical therapist office and can promise they will have an amazing experience. The people here are absolutely amazing and I am sad to go but so grateful for their work!
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Maeve Smith
00:13 05 Jun 21
I have nothing but amazing things to say about the staff and my experience at Coast Rehab. Each of the staff members go above and beyond to provide professional, knowledgeable, and friendly care. I can’t thank them enough for getting my ankle back to 100% after multiple injuries and surgeries. Coast Rehab is hands down the best place to go for physical therapy!!
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