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John Towey
15:52 05 Jul 18
Dr Luke and the staff at Coast Rehab were top notch - I had chronic hamstring injuries - both legs - that I had ignored for almost 10 years. Dr Luke took me through the steps of strengthening all of the muscles in my hips and legs to counteract years of the repetitive motion injury I had created. We started slow with the use of bands, stretches and bodyweight routines all the way through to more intense cycles with progressively increased weights. After about 6-months my right leg is completely healed and my left is about 90% of the way there. Well worth my time as I am able to physically do whatever I want to. Thanks to Cost Rehab for their expertise, friendliness, encouragement and positive results.
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Dan Neylan
14:43 12 Jun 18
Luke, Matt and team were great! After going to a different PT place for 8 weeks (unsuccessfully), it was recommended I go to COAST. It was night and day from the first place. Each session was customized for me and my needs and each session was different from the last. They actually listen to you and build a program that will get you back to 100%. I can't recommend them enough.
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Claire Spille
13:02 07 Apr 18
I had foot surgery in November. Once permitted to start PT, I was told about Coast Rehab. The surgery has a 6 month to one year full recovery. Due to Dr. Luke and his amazing staff, I have been enjoying my spring break playing tennis down south (5 months)! Coast rehab is a GREAT facility and as their motto states, they truly care and give you personalized attention to your goals. Tom, Matt, and ALL of the staff are genuine and tend to your needs. Hours are flexible to fit any busy schedule. I highly recommend COAST REHAB!
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linda drasheff
18:01 01 Mar 18
This was the first time that I had to go for Physical Therapy. I couldn't lift my arm and my shoulder was very sore. My orthopedist recommended physical therapy. Dr. Luke helped me to exercise my arm and shoulder. Let's face it, no one wants be in pain and to have to do physical therapy. However, Dr. Luke made it a very pleasant experience. He is highly qualified and I felt I was definitely in good hands. I would recommend my family and friends to go to Coast Rehab.
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Colin Parsons
22:32 14 Jun 18
Wonderful experience at Coast Rehab with Luke/Matt and all of his staff. Took a man (myself) who had back problems ever since college and brought me back to not worrying about throwing out my back. If you are having any issues with your body, the staff at Coast Rehab will be able to help you out. What are you waiting for??’em up! Thank you Coast Rehab,Colin
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BreAnna Natoli
16:36 27 Jul 18
Dr. Matt is the best!! I went to see him when I was struggling with low back/hip pain which I thought was due to sciatica from a car accident. However, after Dr. Matt's evaluation, he informed me that the pain was actually from a weakened glute muscle. For 6 weeks, we strengthened it by doing various exercises and stretches with bands and weights. He promised me that by the time we were done working together, I would be back to my normal workout and living routine! HE WAS RIGHT! I could NOT be any happier with my results from Coast Rehab and Dr. Matt! If I ever find myself needing rehab again, I will for sure be calling them and referring them to anyone I know! THANK YOU GUYS!!
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Franca Turano
13:55 24 Oct 18
I CAN NOT EXPRESS ENOUGH as to how important it is in being in the right hands when it comes down to patient care!!! “COAST REHAB” in Manasquan NJ is absolutely the BEST PLACE HANDS DOWN for physical therapy!!! Everyone there is EXCELLENT at what they do!!!! I have been working with Luke DeLorenzo and his wonderful staff for over a month now and and I can say is I feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!He listens to you, evaluates you and treats you based on YOUR needs! He has such a passion for what he does!!! Their main focus is to give YOU that individual care based on your needs, so that YOU can enjoy those simple things in life once again!!! So for any of you that may be suffering from an injury/injuries or maybe having some type of discomfort preventing you from daily activities, then I would HIGHLY recommend giving COAST REHAB in Manasquan NJ a call TODAY!!! 😁👍🏻
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