Jaime G.

I have been going to COAST Rehab for 2 years for physical therapy for my hip tightness problem. I saw him at Ivy Rehab in Toms River last year and he helped a lot and got me fixed up to run again. I started to have hip problems again this year and was ecstatic when I heard he was opening his own practice in Manasquan. I have been going to COAST Rehab for the last few weeks and my hips have felt a lot better and I have gained a lot of flexibility I lost in my hips. He has a lot of technical knowledge about how to treat your problems. The team at COAST Rehab has a great bedside manner- he has a pleasant, positive, demeanor and makes you feel welcome there. He is highly motivating and makes me feel comfortable. He gives you personal one on one attention and advice by only have a few clients at a time. His facility at COAST is clean and ideal being attached to a gym so that you can also work on strengthening your weak areas. And his location offers a lot of unique opportunities for PT exercises. I highly recommend COAST Rehab. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment today !